Calm & Vibrant State: Free Breath Event 

 Monday 2nd May 9:30 – 10:30am

 The yoga tradition says – As the breath, so the mind. 

When we’re out of whack, in stressful situations, experiencing lots of mental chatter, feeling low in energy, a dullness of mood, or maybe just a little bit disconnected – we might look outside ourselves for resources & distractions to help us soothe & feel better. It’s what we’ve got used to doing, and it can feel like an easy fix with those external solutions.

But how about turning to our breath and paying attention to it for the support & relief we’re searching for? This is not such a familiar route for many of us, aside from maybe the ‘just take a deep breath’ approach! But even with this – do you really know how to breathe correctly to reap the benefits, and what it feels like when you do it properly?!

The breath is with us in every moment of life, and incredibly powerful for helping us shift our current state. Breathing well is a learned skill that can have profound effects on our physical, emotional, and mental health. And when we learn to master our breath, we learn to master life. Though we might not be aware of this, and how we can start to benefit from our magical tool that’s available for us at any time.

Join Heather for a FREE Breath Session On Monday 2nd May 9.30am

In this online session you will:

  • Experience the power of your breath to quieten down and revitalise.
  • Explore tools for calming the mental chatter 
  • Discover how to really take that ‘deep breath’!
  • Welcome magical shifts that can take place within you through simple breathing techniques.
  • Get ready and steady for the next part of your day using the practices shared.

Master Your Breath, Master Your Mind, One Breath At A Time!

Don’t worry if you’re not able to join us live – a 7-Day replay will be sent to everyone registers. Booking closes Sunday 1st May 6pm.

The event is open to all. Share this with your friends, family, neighbours & colleagues.