With Debs Grossman

Friday 22nd May 2020 | 4pm – 5pm

Join Debs on Zoom for a Tweens Pop Up ‘Happy’ yoga session
What makes us feel happy can be different for different people.

Lots of things can help us to feel happy…. Listening to music. Cuddles with mum. Playing with your furry friend. Eating your favourite ice cream. Hearing the sound of birds. A warm bubble bath. Laughing with friends. Lying on the grass in the sun.

Taking time to consider what these are for each of us and how we can find them can help us build us a ‘happiness toolbox’, something we can dip into any time we need a wee reminder.

Our session will encourage children to explore the different senses – feeling, discovering, smelling, listening, and all the things that bring the world to life. Bringing about an understanding of and ability to, control emotions and discover an appreciation for the beautiful world around us.

We will be using ‘Happy’ by Nicola Edwards & Katie Hickey, a wonderful book for children:

“We breathe deep and expand like the galaxy.
We breathe out many thousands of stars.
And if ever we start to feel panicky.
This reminds us of just who we are.”

Aimed at 7yrs +

For this session we will need:
Paper/notebook and pencils/pens, yoga mat, blanket, raisin/date/apricot or similar (chewy sweet texture), a piece of chocolate (small – not a bar!), crisp/peanut (something salty), something that your child likes the smell of e.g. a candle, bath oil, flower from the garden…
Squishy/textured ball, a shoebox or other kind of container or even a glass jar for the children to put things in if they want to .

Relaxation music if they children likes music – my suggestion is Silver Sky bu Enzo

Terms and conditions for booking onto Family Yoga, Kids and Tweens Yoga clubs-

By booking onto our Family Yoga, Kids and Tweens Yoga clubs:-You agree that one parent/guardian (18 years and over) will be in the same room with the child throughout the whole of the class.

  • You agree that it is your choice to have the video turned on or off for the whole of the session but if you do choose to keep the video on then you are taking responsibility for your child’s online safety.
  • You acknowledge that Heather Yoga and class teachers accept no responsibility for any potential injuries as a result of practice outside of the studio space. If you need to inform us of any personal injury or medical issue that your child is currently experiencing please phone us at least two hours before the start of your class 07960 330183
  • Tips on staying safe and enjoying yoga from your home:
  • When practising from home, you accept full responsibility for your space and the health and safety precautions within this space.
    Please ensure the space you are practising in is well lit and clear from any obstacles such as coffee tables, rugs and any other furniture to avoid the potential for injuries.
    Please practice on a yoga mat or something else similar to avoid slipping – please do not practice on a surface that is unsuitable.

Due to some logistical complications and operating procedures of maintaining our online services for the Kids & Tweens Yoga Club classes – it is with deep regret that we have had to make the decision to press pause on these specific classes. It will be our priority to resume this offering as soon as possible to ensure that we can serve everyone in our Heather Yoga community. In the meantime we are looking to film a couple of resources which you will be able to access to help support your child’s yoga practice. We would like to thank you for your patience, support and custom and we can’t wait to share more with you soon.


With Kelly Ann

Starts Wednesday 26th February | 4:15 – 5pm (runs term times 26th Feb – 1st April)

Join us for a special course for kids, (3-7) we will practice mindfulness, breathing, explore yoga through stories and games and finish with a lovely relaxation. Children will be able to explore their yoga practice in safe, supportive, relaxed environment while they build their strength, balance and coordination.
Parent supervision is not necessary..

Prices: Discount for block of 6 or 5 classes which are valid for One Term Only (cannot be carried through to the next term) – £36 for 6 classes, £30 for 5 Classes, £8 One Drop In Class.


With Debs

Starts Wednesday 26th February | 4:15 – 5pm (runs term times 26th Feb – 1st April)

This course is aimed at 8 – 11 years and can help them to feel good, calm, still & balanced …
-Builds strength & flexibility
-Develops confidence & self esteem
-Improves balance & coordination
-Sharpens concentration
-Sparks creativity & imagination
-Supports better sleep
-Classes introduce breathwork & mindfulness with postures, games, partner work and relaxation.
-And its fun!
From help in sports, relationships, the classroom, and the home, yoga continuously supports growth and development. Aside from the physical benefits of yoga, yoga teaches tweens and teens techniques for coping with the unique issues they’re faced with everyday—insecurity about their changing bodies, the enormous pressure to fit in, stressful schedules, and uncertainty about their beliefs and their futures.
Movement, and therefore yoga, is essential for fast-growing bodies.
The practice of yoga offers adolescents a discipline for discovering who they truly are. Beginning that process at a young age can shape who a young person becomes.

It’s about nourishing their imagination, asking for their insights, and then genuinely listening to what they have to say.

Parent supervision is not necessary.

Prices: Discount for block of 6 or 5 classes which are valid for One Term Only (cannot be carried through to the next term) – £36 for 6 classes, £30 for 5 Classes, £8 One Drop In Class.