For Yoga Teachers

Created & run by Heather Gregg 

Starts Autumn 2022

 So you’ve got the Yoga Teacher Training qualification, maybe a few!  

Your yoga pant pockets are full of all the foundational information, skills, and knowledge with everything you need to teach safely & skilfully – from creating class plans to applying the core yoga sutras of Patanjali, to knowing your modifications for Downward Dog and Bridge Pose!

With all your wisdom and experience through your own yoga practice and training – you already know how to be in the seat of the student and teacher with relative steadiness and comfort.

You’ve just taken your first steps into teaching or have been on this path for some time (maybe returning after a pit stop along the way) and possess a passion to keep evolving as an outstanding Yoga Teacher who helps people transform through this practice.

You want to carry on teaching Yoga and make this your work in this life. It’s what you’ve been thinking about, talking about, dreaming about and & getting excited about – and which maybe led you to doing that initial training in the first place!

You’re seeing many others successfully building their expertise, brand, and empire – and you have a desire to do the same.

 BUT… there’s something in the way. 

  • How do you put all you’ve learnt so far into practice, get clear on what to do next, and make your moves into the new & unknown space as a self-employed yoga educator?
  • How do you really make this a career & business that’s sustainable, satisfying, nourishes you financially, and lights up your whole life with the joy & fulfilment of doing what you love?
  • And how do you stand out in an ocean of other yoga practitioners whilst experiencing real connection & collaboration with your peers?

Whether you want to teach in studios & gyms, hire venues to run your own classes, offer workshops, series, and programmes, create amazing retreats and yoga holidays, start an online platform, be a private yoga coach or fancy moving into corporate settings or running festival events.

 You are here because… 

  • You’re just starting out in yoga teaching – whether fresh from a teacher training course or newly qualified, or about to complete your 1st YTTC.
  • You already teach and have done so for some time  – but want the tools, guidance & support to set up a successful yoga teaching business.
  • You’ve paused and taken a break from teaching – maybe due to life circumstances like having a baby, the pandemic, other commitments.
  • You’re eager to start and grow your own business – and learn everything from room hire to marketing. to running retreats to having a Yearly schedule.
  • You’re teaching part time but want to make this full time and go Pro!
  • You’re currently in another career but desire to transition and have yoga teaching as your full-time work, business & income.
  • You want to live as a modern yoga solopreneur!
  • You’d love to work with a coach and are willing to do the necessary work and whatever it takes to transform & expand to the next levels!

 You can… 

  • Set up the seat of the yoga business owner which brings stability and ease with your workload, finances and energy.
  • Flow, progress and level up in this next chapter of your journey with establishing & expanding your Yoga teaching offerings and business.
  • Feel aligned with your mini enterprise that allows you to serve at a bigger level, and enriches your teaching, your income, your life and the lives of a community of loyal students that you build and who love what you offer.
You have the commitment, dedication, courage –  and all you need now is a teacher, a guide who has walked this path before. A mentor, a coach, who is a few steps ahead of you – who can hold that map for you and help you navigate the twists, and turns, the smooth parts and the bumps on the road to your highest potential and save you time, money, and energy!

 THE MENTORSHIP is the missing piece in your teaching, education and running a successful business. 

It will give you the practical’s, the skills, the guidance, the mindset, the accountability, the energetics, the systems, the upgrades, and the absolute certainty & confidence to start, scale or streamline your yoga business & teaching to be EXCEPTIONAL!

This isn’t a “teacher training” – this is you running your own business – which is one of the biggest self-development journeys you’ll ever go on!

For you to create & own a business that will… Grow your community, help increase your results & income, and keep you thriving and in abundance for years to come – you’ll need to understand that the way you make an impact is by having Clarity, Confidence, and a sound Curriculum.

In THE MENTORSHIP I will educate & mentor you on these 3 Core Elements alongside other centrepieces in my Coherence Method© – Communicating To Your Market and Conscious Business Practices and will walk with you every step of the way.

 Coaching & Connection is also at the heart of this framework in the 6-month transformational programme. 

Designed for those that are passionate, enthused, and intentional for establishing and scaling their teaching & business that really works, flourishes and sustains.
It’s for those who have the willingness, commitment & trust to have a Coach by their side to get stuff done.

We’ll be working on your vision, mission & strategy, and you’ll be held accountable to make things happen, whilst investing in practices for cultivating a mindset, energy & belief that matches your intention as a prosperous Yoga entrepreneur.

I am 100% committed to making sure you get the results you desire! And if you’re not sure what they are right now – don’t worry – we’ll be doing that work as part of this time together!

All the way through being in this 6-month container and process – you’ll be connecting with & supported by other yoga teachers as you experience huge shifts, growth, transformation & greatness!

This is our Satsang. And when we do this together, we rise together.

 Coherence Method© – The 8 Core Elements Of The Mentorship 

  • Clarity

    Its essential to get super connected to who you are as a teacher, and be in alignment with your ‘why’, your niche teaching space  – online or face to face, your intention & mission statement, and your own moral code. We’ll look at the beliefs, values, and purpose in behaviour to yourself and those you teach, and to how you show up as a safe space holder.

  • Confidence

    Feel uber-confident from the inside out! You’ll uncover the pesky things that sneak up, hold us back and lead us to jeopardise our work including: Imposter syndrome, comparison, competition, fear of judgement, resistance, the inner critic, and self-limiting beliefs.  Learn how to effectively work on bringing awareness to these, becoming unstuck and breaking through these negative patterns with Yoga philosophy and mindset work to support you and your business, and enhancing the impact you have off the mat.

  • Community

    This is at the heart of your business! Discover the tools to get visible; how you cultivate & build your following; explore the ways you get to research through effective questions & surveys; get to grips with identifying what you help your community with, and really know your ideal dream students! Also learn the art of conscious selling and how to give exceptional customer service for an audience of loyal yoga students who want to be served by you.

  • Curriculum

    Create, refine, and solidify a 90 days, 6 month & yearly teaching plans for a variety of your offerings and revenue streams. Improve & brush up your structure and sequencing for classes, workshops, courses, special events, 121, retreats across a whole year; know what aspects of yoga you love teaching and have the courage to create, share & sell in your services; and how to develop & execute effective & relevant collaborations to increase your yoga repertoire.

  • Communication

    Call in and connect with your ideal students through What, How and Where you communicate. Understand a variety of accessible marketing methods that truly work; explore clear, heart centred & authentic communication and messaging that speaks to your audience; feel comfortable with speaking your truth and sharing from your experiences; and develop and enhance your language for your verbal cueing and instructing.

  • Conscious Business & Practice

    Navigate life as a modern yoga teacher with steadiness & ease; connect to & nurture your personal practice that nourishes you – including tools that manage your energy; explore self-care for teachers & business owners for preventing burnout, setting boundaries falling back in love with you practice, the importance of daily routine & time management. Plus dip into money mindset including undercharging & under earning, the scarcity vs abundant consciousness, and giving & receiving.

  • Connection

    This is togetherness. Join a supportive community of fellow teachers & your teammates! Be carried by the collective energy of an inspiring, incredible group of people just like you! It’s where real connection can take place and how you can work alongside each other in the yoga space. Lean into them, hold one another, and stay accountable. There are rich & valuable skills you will learn in this that will solidify how you support students in your own offerings & containers.

  • Coaching

    Have me by your side to coach, to teach, to support & hold you accountable you directly across your yoga business, teaching and practice for half of the year! From birthing to scaling a business that works, grows your impact, and brings you financial abundance for an exciting future. Includes group coaching, training & lectures, 121 calls, and practice with me. You’ll also receive feedback about your teaching.

 About Heather 

Founder & Director at Heather Yoga. Senior Yoga Teacher, Mentor & Transformational Life Coach.

Sharing the practice of Yoga.

Heather is a Registered Senior Yoga Teacher and Founder & Director of Heather Yoga – a physical & online Yoga school based in Saltaire, West Yorkshire. She is also a certified Coach.
Heather has taught for nearly 12 Years in UK & India as a dedicated yoga educator and teacher trainer with over 4000 hours of training & teaching – and in that time built & scaled her successful yoga business and loyal community – serving them with a multitude offerings including daily classes, workshops, retreats, and leading her own yoga teacher training and teacher mentorship programmes.
Her ongoing 18-year practice of Yoga & Self Development has become an integral part of her life – dedicated to the exploration of body & mind wellness and heart-centered living through the powerful practices on & off the Yoga mat with her teachers, coaches and mentors. She is committed to sharing her wealth of knowledge, wisdom & experience with other students, teachers & wellness practitioners to support them on their journey of evolution & growth.
Heather has trained with various teachers including her main teacher Jason Crandell who she has studied intensively with and assisted him on his UK offerings since 2014, and also Kia Miller who she is currently studying with for another 300 hours certification. Read More.

 Where you will be after the mentorship: 

  • You’re sat in the seat of the professional confident yoga business owner.
  • Have the key fundamentals of running nurturing your own yoga business that is enjoyable, sustainable, and grows your income & impact.
  • Feel in flow and spend your time taking clear action steps rather than feeling overwhelmed and stuck!
  • Worked on your mindset and self-limiting stories to break through sabotaging patterns and beliefs around comparison, imposter syndrome, and money.
  • Learned how to market & sell your classes & offerings simply & effectively with the marketing, content creation & planning tools & techniques I teach you as part of my framework the Coherence Method©
  • Built your yoga community, you know who your ideal student is, how to engage with them and what you can help them with.
  • Have structure and direction with your 3, 6 & 12-month plans which include a teaching curriculum for your offerings with a variety of events scheduled. And you know how to stay open & willing to allow for changes along the way, and equipped for when things don’t go as intended!
  • Are now part of a supportive community of yoga teachers & business owners, feel inspired and motivated to keep dreaming big, exploring collaboration & new creations with your peers, and have best friends for life.
  • Super clear and in alignment with yourself, your direction. your values, your gifts, and work in this world that you didn’t have 6 months ago.
  • You have grown & expanded as a person exponentially, and your eyes are wide open to possibilities from being on a HUGE journey of self-development and growth! (Being a business owner is a huge journey of self-development and growth!)

 What’s Included 

  • Coaching & Tuition

    With Senior Yoga Teacher & Transformational Life & Business Coach Heather Gregg 

  • 121 Coaching Calls

    Two Strategy, Review & Growth 121 coaching calls with Heather  –  30 minutes each at various points throughout the duration of the container.

  • Group Mentoring & Training Calls

    Scheduled 90 minute live calls fortnightly with Heather via Zoom (1 x Coaching and 1 x Teaching – from the Coherence Method©).

  • Small Group Led Practice

    Monthly private group yoga practice exploring breathwork, meditation, Vinyasa & restorative yoga to keep you connected to your own practice, build your vitality and inspiration,  and help switch off teacher brain!

  • Access To Content Library

    All sessions are recorded and available via the online course portal for the duration of the training and six months after completing.

  • Class Supervision & Feedback

    Have Heather observe one of your classes for receiving feedback as part of your continued teaching development.

  • Accountability Buddy System

    Each month you will be paired with a new buddy for support, guidance, and connection as you go on this journey of growth and transformation together.

  • Heather Yoga Classes & Workshops Special Discount

    Unlimited Classes for the 6 months of the programme. Plus 15% discount off selected workshops, guest teacher workshops & immersions for the full duration of the training.

  • Heather Yoga Journal

    Limited Edition HY personal practice journal.

  • Yoga Alliance Professionals CPD

    You will gain 30 hours of Yoga Alliance Continued Professional Development.

  • Assignments

    Homework Assignments after each session for integrating into your teaching and business.

  • Community Group Access

    Access to a Private Facebook Community Group for this container of amazing yoga teachers and business owners!