New Intentions

Yoga Workshops & Coaching Experience with Heather. 

Online Course Dates & Times:
Starts Sunday 17th January 2021
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Heather Gregg

Are you ready to set your intention, be focused, fired up, positively passionate and in alignment for real sustainable change & greatness throughout 2021 & beyond?!

It takes 40 days to set a new habit and we know how important it is to have someone by your side to help you keep up the momentum & commitment, and to cheer you on as you move towards your vision.

We are beyond excited to invite you to our New Intentions offering (THE highlight in the Heather Yoga calendar!)  and this time it’s even more super-charged than ever with an exciting BRAND NEW series of inspiring sessions to allow you to powerfully step into 2021 with clarity, magnitude & steadiness for long lasting transformation.

The start of a New Year is a fresh & potent time to make space and plant the seeds of Inspiration & Intention for manifesting change & our vision for who we want to be, how we want to live, and what we’d like to feel for the year ahead & beyond.

However, so many times those intentions (aka ‘resolutions’) are loosely set without real depth, meaning & understanding of ‘our why’ and they miss the energy of success behind them.  And we can quickly lose traction, get disheartened, and fall off the wagon as our vision fades away into the distance by the end of January!

Through a mix of yoga workshops & weekly coaching sessions with a whole selection of accessible & transformative yoga techniques and holistic tools – Heather will provide the space & support as your Yoga Teacher & Coach to set impactful Intentions for real sustainable change!

Through a mix of yoga workshops & weekly coaching sessions with a whole selection of accessible and transformative yoga techniques and holistic tools – Heather will provide the space & support as your Yoga Teacher & Coach to: 

  • Wring out the old stuff & ignite your inner flame for the passion, willpower & commitment to the direction you want to move in and what you desire.
  • Recognise what is blocking your path to seeing the changes you wish for.
  • Release limiting beliefs & patterns and how we can debunk & reframe them.
  • Get into alignment to set your intentions for manifesting long lasting positive growth & success.
  • Connect to a powerful place from which you take action with grace, ease and confidence without forcing the outcome or chucking in the towel when challenges are presented!

Taking place over 40 days – the length of time is said to truly cement a new habit – you will be guided to stay focussed, committed, and dedicated to shifting & transforming – cheered on by Heather and the group joining you in the weekly live sessions taking place via Zoom and a dedicated facebook group.

The Mix Collection Sessions:

Power, Intention, Action: 3 Hour Workshop Sunday 17th January 11am

Spark the fire in your belly, discover the deep core strength and your seat of willpower & self esteem to remove the obstacles to making a change in 2021.

  • Connect & get crystal clear on your intentions & core values they are created from.
  • Feel in your power ready to take action from a place of inspiration, joy and patience for what you truly desire to manifest.


  • Yoga Practices with a progressive detoxifying Vinyasa Flow based sequence, Pranayama (breathing techniques), Kriya (cleansing actions).
  • Reflection & Contemplation exercises with Meditation, Journaling & Ritual to acknowledge old patterns, habits, stories that hold you back from transformation, and how to reframe & train them.
  • We’ll complete the session with a delicious & deeply restful Yoga Nidra to bring clarity and balance to your body and mind, feeling empowered & enthused about the coming year ahead.

Shapeshifting: Weekly live group coaching sessions via zoom – Every Wednesday 6pm (6 coaching sessions total) throughout January & February.

  • Each week we will come together for Heather to support you with staying in your lane, navigating the obstacles, celebrating your wins, and moving through any resistance & discomfort that is inevitably presented to us when we are growing & transforming!
  • Review and define your next action steps to keep moving forwards.
  • This is a great way to experience coaching from Heather and be held accountable for the 40days of this programme.

Rinse, Review, Repeat:  2 Hour Workshop – Sunday 28th February 11am

  • Boost your inspiration, keep the momentum going, and stay aligned & connected with your intentions & core values through a selection of the Yoga & Reflection practices from the first workshop and new tools introduced.
  • This will provide the perfect opportunity to have another check in with where you are with intentions you have set, identify shifts from where you started out, and get back to your inner power if your energy has started to waiver.
  • Uplift yourself and the group in February which is a prime time of the year when our motivation has maybe slipped and the cold wet weather dampened those heartfelt intentions you set.
  • Taking place 40 days from where we begin this process!
  • A powerful final session to refocus on what it is you’d like to manifest, your next action steps to keep yourself accountable and moving forwards and on towards your desired outcome.

Throughout this offering you’ll receive:

  • 1 x 3 hour workshop
  • 1 x 2 hour workshop
  • 6 x group coaching sessions.
  • Recordings of the sessions will be available for the duration of the programme and one month after completing.
  • Community support through access to the private facebook group for this New Intentions experience  – to be connection and communication with your yogi companions for sharing, holding you up and being held accountable.
  • Additional practices and resources shared throughout the duration of the programme.20% discount off Adam Hocke’s February Love Yourself Workshop (details coming soon!)

About Heather

Heather is a Senior Yoga Teacher of over 10 Years, Founder of Heather Yoga and Transformational Coach in training (graduating Jan 2021!) who will be by your side throughout this powerful time of intention & change – blending her passion, wisdom and experience of yoga and holistic living with tools, skills & knowledge as a Transformational coach guiding you in a powerful experience stepping into 2021 together.


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