Restorative Practice with Supta Baddha Konasana

Grab some cushions and blankets, beam in some Goan sunshine and deeply relax with this short restorative practice Р perfect for reducing anxiety and soothing your nervous system.

A Small Bowl of Nourishing Yoga.

25 Mins Vinyasa Practice.
A little similar but shorter practice than the ‘Cup Of Sunshine Practice. Filmed at Blue Planet, Agonda, South Goa – the location for our Yoga Unwrapped Retreats.

A cup of sunshine practice.

A 35 minute energising sequence.
Practice in the morning to awaken, during the afternoon as a perk up, or before an evening outing to energise you into the night.

Bitesize Chunk Of Wholesome Yoga.

A 10 minute practice.
A short & soothing practice whenever you feel busy & overwhelmed and need to take some time out to centre yourself with breathe & movement. i.e Christmas holidays!!!) It will help balance your energy & regain your focus & clarity for getting back out into the next segment of your day. Filmed at Christmas Blue Planet, Agonda, South Goa – the location for our Yoga Unwrapped Retreats 27th Nov – 4th Dec 2017 and 28th Dec 2017 – 4th Jan 2018. A very special revitalising, nourishing and inspiring week-long yoga retreat in the South of Goa at the beautiful Blue Planet Organic Restaurant & Wellness Centre in the lush green surrounds of the jungle valley of Agonda. This unique & transformative yoga retreat includes accommodation in lovely bungalows on the jungle valley hillside, all scrumptious vegan meals, daily morning and evening yoga and meditation sessions, complimentary aquatic bodywork session, individual feedback, guided jungle walks to beaches and your own Dinacharya morning routine self care toolkit.