Alex Russell

Alex Russell

Alex started practicing yoga to help gain some flexibility for her other passion, rock climbing. 

She had no idea the path that her yoga practice would lead her down and never imagined becoming a yoga teacher! 

Alex is from a corporate background, being an accountant and has worked for years in an office environment. This pressure from working life and a distinct lack of self care grew and seriously impacted her mental health over the years. She decided to join a yoga teacher training, a decision that would create a huge ripple effect in her life. She had no intention of becoming a teacher but just felt she needed to do something for herself, it was intuition that drove her to it despite the self doubt within. Learning about yoga philosophy, pranayama and meditation had a distinct effect on Alex and she continues to study yoga philosophy to this day. 

Yin yoga and meditation for Alex was a revelation as a person who is very much “on the go” it was so hard to sit for a length of time and be with her body, but over the years and with lots (and lots!) of practice she has been able to become more comfortable with being in stillness. It is still a practice for her.

Alex has undertaken the following yoga trainings;

  • 200 hour Vinyasa Flow – Yoga Hero
  • 50 hour Yin Yoga – Angela Jervis-Reid at Yoga Hero
  • 100 hour Trauma Informed Yoga & Embodied Social Change – Yoga For Humankind

Alex is also working towards her reiki practitioner certificate.


About Alex’s classes

“My classes involve fluid movement working with the breath as well as incorporating stillness in yin postures which are held for a little longer. We will often spend some time in a pose noticing how it feels in your body and allowing you to learn what works/what doesn’t. I like to begin my classes with a grounding and centering practice, this might be through a guided meditation, breathwork or body scan to help bring focus into the practice space and your body

I work from an inclusive and intuitive perspective when teaching, giving each participant time to see what feels good for them. For me a part of yoga is about connecting with your body and all bodies move differently therefore it is important for me to offer everyone bodily autonomy in class.”