Alis Pelleschi

Hey I’m Alis, the Yorkshire las behind Yeah Love.

After years of dealing with anxiety, depression, fatigue/burnout and lack of self-worth, I went on my own deep journey and exploration of Self Love. I had always practiced yoga pretty inconsistently, until I made the connection of how yoga could change the way I feel in my body and in my self, as well as find peace and calm from my tired body&mind. I teach from a place of compassion and my own experience to help guide people back into their own power.

My body-acceptance yoga classes are gentle hatha mash-up (slow&steady with a dash of flow), with a real focus on self-love, mental health and feeling good in your body. Restorative yoga classes and self-love embodiment workshops are also part of my offerings. Using embodiment practices of movement, breathwork, affirmations and meditation to bring inner joy, love and calm into your day. Build strength, feel grounded and restore your self-worth, mental health and feel good in your body.

I hope to create a safe, non-judgemental, size and diversity inclusive space for all bodies, as I believe yoga is for everyBody! All wobbles, bellies, sighs and smiles allowed. No matter your mood, energy, experience or flexibility. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced yogi. You are all welcome.