Ellie Roberts

Ellie Roberts

What Yoga means to Ellie…

To take a moment and step away from being busy, to quieten the mind and feel a true connection with yourself.

Ellie first discovered Yoga in 2011 and since then has explored several different styles including Ashtanga, Iyengar, Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin.

With a background in Outdoor Education and passion for mountaineering, Ellie initially thought that her active lifestyle would provide significant benefits to her Yoga practice but was surprised to experience tightness and restrictions in her range of movement. As a result of these early physical challenges, she has been inspired to develop a deeper understanding of Yoga as a holistic practice and appreciate the wider benefits it can provide. The experience you have on the mat can allow you to build resilience and a sense of composure and mindfulness which can support you in other areas of your life.

Yoga isn’t about being flexible and going into the full expression of the pose. For Ellie it’s about what you experience in you body whilst synchronising the breath and movement together. If you feel your muscles working and you can connect to this one moment and guide your mind and body into stillness then your experience of the practice has been a true achievement.

Ellie began working with Heather in August 2018 as a karma yogi managing the booking desk and working in the cafe alongside her 200hr foundation Yoga Teacher Training course. Her role now involves supporting business operations behind the scenes in addition to delivering two regular classes per week.

What to expect from Ellie’s Classes…

Ellie is very thoughtful in her sequencing. She likes to connect movements and asanas together to allow her students to feel comfortable and confident in the peak of her class. She is always mindful to offer lots of alternatives and is always encouraging for students to challenge themselves in a playful and safe way.