Laura D’Oca

Originally from Sardinia, Italy, where I lived an idyllic and very active life, in harmony with nature and very much in love with every aspect of life.

I have discovered yoga by chance when I was looking for something to deal with a very demanding job as a Structural Engineer and the stresses of modern life…I was craving for the serenity I had back in Sardinia.

I was hooked straight away…the more I practiced, the more I wanted to practice…It was (and still is) my ‘me time’, the time when I can finally concentrate on myself alone…nothing else matters. It is the time for me when I can refocus. Recharge, regaining perspective of whatever life is throwing at me, rebalance…Yoga taught me so much at every level. The benefits are endless.

I teach different styles. Initially trained as hot hatha yoga teacher, I then moved to be trained and explore different styles such as Core Strength Vinyasa, and Yin ( a big passion of mine).

I regularly teach classes all over Yorkshire and keen to encourage my students to step away from the stresses of modern life, for them to feel safe, content and recharged not only at a physical level but also emotional and mental.

What is yoga for me? A love affair and a beautiful dance between my body, my mind, my breath and my heart.