Lucia Gomez

Lucia Gomez

My aim as a teacher is to create a space for everyone to practice safely, with plenty of options and support whilst empowering students to listen to their own bodies in a relaxed and friendly environment. I strive to be really mindful with my sequencing and how I queue to make everybody feel welcome and tend to offer modifications so that students can challenge themselves more if such expressions of the poses are in their practice and they wish to include them in.

I am always thinking outside the box to come up with new concepts for classes/workshops as I’d love to bring the incredible teachings of yoga to as many people as possible.

Through practicing in a consistent manner I managed to reconnect with a sense of stability, mindfulness, the ability to truly listen to my own body, and intuition I seemed to have forgotten about ages ago. Being on the mat regularly not only allowed me to improve my practice, it also gave me skills to deal with everyday life situations.

I believe yoga can benefit absolutely everyone and it does not have to be or look in any particular way. Your yoga practice is yours and as such, there are as many practices as there are people who practice. It is your practice, your choice.

I am extremely passionate about animal welfare I am part of a small independent cat rescue, love music, and anything open water related (rivers, lakes, the sea…)