Stress & Anxiety Yogi Support System

3 Workshops Across 3 Weekends

Dates & Times:
Starts Saturday 2nd December
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See below – We will donate 10% of the fee to the Red Cross aiding civilians caught up in the current Israel & Palestine conflict.
Heather Gregg

In this short 3 week programme you’ll go from feeling overwhelmed, constant tension, and tired with the challenges of daily life and the world we live –  into feeling grounded, resilient and empowered by knowing how to support yourself from day through to night –  with a toolkit of yoga & holistic techniques in your back pocket for right now, the festive period & any time.

Every day we are always faced with a cascade of potential stressors and over stimulation – work, family, traffic, the news, social media and our phones and computers. The accumulation or build up to these, can all send our adrenal glands into overdrive and leave us in a state of constant stress.  Add on to this our experience of all that is happening in the world, along with the transition from Autumn to Winter, and preparing for the festivities – it’s not surprising you might be feeling higher levels of stress, busy overloaded minds, depleted energy levels, an exhausting rollercoaster of emotions, and low moods to name just a few. We hear ourselves saying how we’re frazzled, out of whack, off centre, reactive, not grounded, and exhausted.

During these 3 weeks of December, this powerful workshop series carefully designed by Senior Teacher & Life Coach Heather Gregg will support you in our challenging times by providing an accessible & effective guidance, and formula for holistic living to better deal with anxiety & stress and how to access a an inner place of feeling grounded, vibrant and peaceful.

It will also give you the opportunity to go inside and look at how your thoughts and feelings are affecting the balance of your internal compass, and the way you digest & respond to the external situations and challenges.

Expect an integrated practice of accessible & effective Yogic tools with Movement, Breathwork, Meditation, Rest, Journaling & Yoga Philosophy for supporting your body, nervous system, mind, energy levels & sleep quality – to bring about a balanced internal state and help better manage stress.

3 x Weekend Workshop Style Sessions – 2 Hours Each (Studio)

Each week will be centred around a different part of the day and a relevant theme to provide you with a support system of tools & structure from Yoga for physical & mental health & wellbeing. During each weekend workshop we will include an intro to the week’s topic and a mix of meditation, asana, breathwork, and relaxation. We will also explore other techniques appropriate for the time of day:  journaling, affirmation, mantra, daily life practices & healthy habits  including a morning & evening routine, sleep hygiene.

Dates & Times:

  • Saturday 2nd December 10:30am- 12:30pm
  • Sunday 10th December 11:30am – 1:30pm
  • Sunday 17th December 4 – 6pm

*The 3 Weekend Workshop Sessions of this course will take place live in the studio and will be recorded for replays. 

Week One: Morning & Resilience:

Empower your morning and day ahead: set your intention, mindset and energy, start your day from a place of clarity and positivity, balance your nervous system, and be more prepared & resilient to the stress exposure ahead. Includes meditation, asana, breathwork, journaling, and the importance of establishing a morning routine.

Week Two: Daytime & Regulate

A toolkit for your nervous system & energy levels throughout the day: we’ll cover breath technique, movement & asana, yoga nidra, tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) – all to help de-accelerate a busy mind, refocus your attention, refresh your energy levels, and include diet choices for supporting your mental body as well as your physical body.

Week Three: Evening & Replenish

Learn how anxiety presents itself in the evening and to get into your sleepy zone: includes movement and restorative yoga to release tension and relax the effects of stress on the body, breathing techniques to help quieten down an overactive mind and calm a stimulated nervous system, gratitude meditation & mantra to create mental space and ease, plus sleep hygiene and how to develop your best bedtime routine so you have a restful sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to get going again!

Throughout The Series You’ll Receive:

*Live sessions with Heather

*Access to recordings until the end of December 2023.  

*PDF overviews of content covered.

*Yoga Nidra Audio & Additional Resources for further exploration, support & practice.

*Enriching tasks between sessions.

*Each week will be centred around a different part of the day and a relevant theme to provide you with a support system of tools & structure from Yoga for physical & mental health & wellbeing.

 You will come away with a selection box of holistic coping mechanisms to practice and apply to everyday life situations which will be especially good for assisting you right now as well as at anytime during life when perhaps you’re feeling low, overwhelmed, experiencing high stress in your life, or just want to shift to a more positive outlook.


Yoga Teacher and Transformational Coach

Heather is a Registered Senior Yoga Teacher with over 4000 hours of training & teaching, and the Founder & Director of Heather Yoga – a Yoga school & wellness centre based in Saltaire, West Yorkshire. She is also a certified Transformational Life Coach.

Heather has been teaching for over 12 Years in UK & India, including being an educator for trainee teachers, and now leads her own yoga teacher training and teacher mentorship programmes. Her ongoing 19-year practice of Yoga has become an integral part of her life, and she is dedicated to this path – enjoying the exploration of body & mind wellness and heart-centred living through the powerful practices on & off the Yoga mat, and sharing her wealth of knowledge & wisdom with others to support them on their journey

Price: £50 for all 3 workshops, replays & resources

We will donate 10% of the fee to the Red Cross aiding civilians caught up in the current Israel & Palestine conflict.