If you’re a yoga teacher establishing and building any level of a business (teaching one class a week is a business btw!) then you’ve probably experienced feeling overwhelmed, uncertain, anxious, fearful,  confused, awkward and more as you try to scramble your way along this path as a yoga entrepreneur and trying to make this a sustainable livelihood. 

It can be very ungrounding, exhausting & disheartening when you’re trying to attract more students, grow your community,  and increase your earnings but you’re flying by the seat of your yoga pants with all the different hats we need to wear in this role and not seeing the results you desire…..and you’re not alone! 

Learning how to be steady, clear and confident in the seat of the successful business owner, be willing to shine light on your blocks, blind spots and mistakes, and then knowing what you need to do to course correct and take right action is very much part of the journey for all of us as Yoga teachers who are wanting to make an impact, create success and have longevity to this chosen path.

You can choose to carry on as you are,  and let the overwhelm, fear and uncertainty block you, hold you in place, and not move forwards….or choose to recognise you need to change what you’re doing,  move through the discomfort, and then experience a flow that will build your Impact, Influence and Income. 

It’s always a choice.

This 60 minute Masterclass is designed to empower & inspire you with an understanding of some major mistakes when establishing, growing & nurturing a thriving yoga teaching business that affect your growth and financial stability. Let’s identify what you’re doing or not doing that’s getting in the way of you feeling Empowered, Aligned, and Clear, that are blocking you from growing your clients, bookings and revenue, and from accessing a state of Confidence, Trust, and Connection – so that you can transform more lives (including your own).

This state is not available for a few – it’s something we can all experience!

I will show you 😊


What You Will Learn In This Free Online Masterclass:

  • 3 major things that could be slowing down & hindering you building momentum, financial growth and progressing forwards with your business. 
  • These mistakes that we make, what they are costing you, and what happens when we stop making them. 
  • What you can do immediately to find more flow in your business.
  • How you can save yourself time, energy, headaches, money and confusion. 

This Masterclass is for every yoga teacher ready to shift out of overwhelm and stuckness, and into excitement and clarity to take the next step in your yoga career/business.

Are You Ready?


Hello I’m Heather  – the Founder & Director of Heather Yoga – a yoga centre and online Yoga school based in Saltaire, West Yorkshire, Registered Senior Yoga Teacher and a certified Transformational Life Coach  – Training & Mentoring Yoga Teachers with your Business, Teaching and Lifestyle.

I have taught for over 12 Years in UK & India as a dedicated yoga educator and teacher trainer- and in that time built & scaled a successful yoga business and loyal community serving them with a multitude offerings including daily classes, workshops,  retreats, and leading my own yoga teacher training and teacher mentorship programmes. 

My ongoing 19 -year practice of Yoga has become an integral part of my lifestyle – dedicated to this walking path and enjoying the exploration of body & mind wellness and heart-centred living through the powerful practices on & off the Yoga mat, and sharing my wealth of knowledge & wisdom with others to support them on their journey.