The 6 week Beginners Course is a great introduction to yoga and to begin your practice. You will be alongside other beginners, discovering yoga in a safe and friendly environment. The practice builds week by week, providing a basic foundation and inspiring you for attending regular classes. Click here for details

Can’t make the Beginners Course?
If you are not available to join one of the 6 Week Beginners Courses then you can try the Level 1 & Open Level classes which are fine for most beginners. Also, the gentler Restorative Yoga & Yin Yoga sessions & some other themed workshops are suitable.

Level 1 and Open Level classes
Establishing a good steady foundation for your practice takes time, patience & consistency. Practicing at Level 1 and Open Level classes for a long period will help to build a more skillful & knowledgeable approach to the ‘fundamentals of yoga practice. The classes will allow you to challenge yourself without pushing or forcing the body.