Tuesday 15th August  – Friday 18th August

12:30 – 1:30pm

A 4 Day live experience to elevate your mindset around self belief, to help you move forwards with confidence & clarity, and expand your business & attract more students!

Every yoga teacher, and every business owner experiences self doubt and feeling like a fraud at different times –  whatever stage and whatever level you’re at.

Recognising it, understanding it, and learning how to navigate & overcome it –  is absolutely vital for you on this path as a successful Yoga teaching business!

You can choose to let it block you, hold you in place, and not move forwards –  losing time, energy and money in that unworthiness & stuckness….or choose to recognise it, move through it, and experience a deep trust, self belief and real certainty that generates abundance, ease and flow, and builds your impact, influence and income!

It’s always a choice.

With the awareness, knowledge, mindset, tools, support and continued practice – we can transmute, overcome & transform the obstacles, connect to our ability to walk along this path as a yoga teacher in a deep space of trust, confidence & value of who are and how we help our students, and access the freedom & abundance that is available to all of us. 

This is really the business of Yoga!

Join My Powerful Live Group Training Designed To Help You:

What You Will Learn

Day 1

The sneaky ways & signs the mind is showing up and stopping your development as a yoga teacher and growth of the business.

Day 2

Recognising your biggest fear(s) and the one thing you can do now to break through them.

Day 3

Shifting from overwhelm & lack and into excitement & abundance, and the next skilful inspired action you can take.

Day 4

Powerful Breathwork Session & opportunity for some live coaching with me around your teaching and business!

Meet Your Guide:

Heather is Founder & Director of Heather Yoga (a physical & online studio and school based in Saltaire, West Yorkshire which she built over 9 Years ago) and a a Registered Senior Yoga Teacher and Certified Transformational Life Coach.
Heather has taught for over 12 Years in the UK & India as a dedicated yoga educator, teacher trainer and mentor – and in that time ( including throughout the COVID-19 pandemic) built & scaled her successful yoga studio, business and grown a loyal community – with a multitude of offerings including daily classes, workshops, retreats, and leading her own yoga teacher training and teacher mentorship group and 121 programmes.

Who Is This For?

What You Will Receive

4 Days Of Live Training, Coaching & Support

Access To Session Replays

Private Facebook Yoga Teachers Community Group

The Positive Mindset Upgrade Experience Worksheets

Powerful Breathwork & Meditation Audio to practice every morning which will set you up in the perfect way for the day ahead!



Dates & Times

Tuesday 15th August – Friday 18th August

12:30 – 1:30pm Via Zoom

You will gain 4 hours of CPD with Yoga Alliance for taking part in this experience. And you’ll receive access to the replays for one month after completion.