June 28, 2024

Some words from our lovely teacher & studio manager Lucia (you all know & love her!) about her perspective on yoga:

“Where to start talking about this practice? About the intricacy of the absolute simplicity of it all? Of the all encompassing oneness? Of all the seamless apparent contradictions?

I sometimes see yoga like The Never Ending Story (highly recommend both the film and the book if you’re not familiar), where what’s written and what’s reality blends so much that you can’t really tell what is the driving force behind and what’s being carried. Is life yoga or is yoga life?

Yoga is a practice, that’s all… there’s no beginning and no end. Yoga is the art of finding balance, of getting to know yourself, a stripped version of the real you, the person without any labels, without attributes, and sometimes nailing all those poses and sequences on the mat, but only sometimes…

Yoga is for everybody, irrespective of your body…. Yoga will always give you an honest answer to any issue or question you might have, you just have to keep practicing, with honesty, integrity, compassion and gratitude whilst honouring and respecting where you are at that particular point in time. You just have to listen carefully.

There’s no beginning and no end, no before and no after… there is only now.

There is only breath, breath and movement, movement and breath.

All I know is that yoga has changed my life so much and it’s such an integral part of all I am! And it feels incredible that all the ancient teachings are still so relatable and translate so well into the current way of living we have created.”

Join Lucia on Tuesdays for Yoga for Stress 9.30am and Community Yoga Thursdays 10.45am. Book on here.