June 17, 2024

This March I embarked on a very special trip to Rishikesh in North India to study with one of my teachers, Kia Miller who shared a week long intensive training all around self mastery. We delved into the different facets of Yoga with practices including Kriya & Kundalini Yoga, Asana, Pranayama, and Self Reflection, and studying one of the central ancient text on Yoga – the Bhagavad Gita.

It was so truly transformational, healing and bursting at the seams with joy and Love!

Kia is an incredible guide and teacher whom I have been practicing & studying with for many years. She is an integral part of my own personal & spiritual development and my embodiment of Yoga – which supports my skill & effectiveness with how I share & guide my students.

Something Kia teaches is about where we place our attention and that ‘what we focus on expands.’ Last year we planted the seed for her to come to Yorkshire, and since then I have been feeding my attention with that intention! ✨

I am ridiculously excited that it’s happening……Kia will be here at Heather Yoga on Saturday 13th July 9am – 4pm! 🧡

Please join us for this unique, enlightening & joy filled day immersion exploring the 10 Bodies through a variety of yoga practices and ancient wisdom. Gain a clear understanding of what each body represents, from the soul body to the subtle body, and how they influence your life. 🧡

There’s a beautiful plant based buffet lunch and delicious afternoon chai included from Dandelion Cafe.

Book your spot here.

Heather xx