Yoga Booster – Masterclass Series 

Online / Studio Course Dates & Times:
Starts Wednesday 21st July and runs until 28th August
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Heather Gregg

 Feel empowered, strong and safe in your body & practice on the yoga mat this Summer through an exciting collection of 8 masterclasses with Senior Teacher Heather.

  • This series will inform you, motivate you, and educate you.
  • Providing a valuable opportunity & space to refine, inspire & up-level your practice.
  • Offering you a carefully designed sequence & package of sessions for a whole learning process & experience that will effectively refresh & enhance your approach on the Yoga mat moving forwards.
  • Giving you the tools to start to take more responsibility for your own Yoga practice.
  • Looking at some key techniques & important concepts from a whole spectrum of pose groups for safe effective alignment and to give you more clarity & understanding of what you’re doing and why.
  • Exploring the foundations of historical Yoga Philosophy to give more depth & meaning to your practice and life.
  • Learning how to craft your own home practice so you feel motivated & confident to get on the mat at any time in your day and guide yourself through effective and thoughtful self-led sequencing.
  • Helping you to stay focussed, accountable, and on track for the duration of the series and beyond.
  • Making a noticeable shift & impact in your practice, your body, your mental space, and your energy levels this Summertime.
  • Connecting with your fellow yogis as you go through the same valuable journey together.

 8 Masterclasses: 

  • Breathe & Movement

    Wednesday 21st July  6 – 7:30pm

    Learn how to breathe & flow more skilfully in Yoga – including Sun Salutations, moving between poses such as Downward Dog to Lunge/ Warrior type poses, and other main transitions between poses.

  • Forward Bends: Grounding & Quietening

    Wednesday 28th July  6 – 7:30pm

    Understand & refine key principles in a variety of standing, seated and reclined forward fold poses, including how to prepare your legs and hips, protecting your lower back, and obstacles to these poses.

  • Standing Poses: Steady, Strong & Balanced.

    Wednesday 4th August  6 – 7:30pm

    Delve into a variety of key standing poses – refining your stride, understanding the different positions of the pelvis and how this the effects the alignment & experience of the spine & the rest of your body.

  • Arm Balances: Stable & Clear.

    Wednesday 11th August 6 – 7:30pm

    Learn proper alignment and ways to employ your entire body for balancing on your hands, addressing the common fears & challenges and how to stay steady & navigate these. We’ll include work on Crow/Crane Pose.

  • Twists: Rotate & Unwind.

    Wednesday 18th August 6 – 7:30pm

    Discover & understand the 2 sources of leverage that produce rotation, how to breath, preparing your body and knowing how to stay safe and comfortable.

  • Backbends: Finding Space & Evenness

    Wednesday 25th August 6 – 7:30pm

    Learn the importance of the pelvis and distributing your backbend between your lower back, mid-back, and upper back in a selection of different styles of yoga backbends including some focus on Bridge & Wheel.

  • Living Your Yoga: Yoga Philosophy With The Foundations Of Yamas & Niyamas (The Ethics)

    Saturday 21st  August 11am –2pm (Online Only)

    Dip into the historical philosophy of Yoga with the first two limbs of yoga outlined in the Yoga Sutra’s known as the Yamas and Niyamas – a set of ethical guidelines & powerful tools to begin to empower you to live your yoga off the mat – creating harmonious relationships with yourself and the world.

  • Self Led: How to Create & Guide Your Own Yoga Practice

    Saturday 28th August 11am – 1pm (Online Only)

    Learn the tools in how you can craft & develop your very own practice that works for you & your body, your environment and schedule. See full details here.

 This Series Is For You If You: 

  • Feel stuck with how to move forwards and would like to learn key technique & alignment to progress your practice.
  • You’re confused & struggle with how to breathe properly whilst moving and holding poses, and would like to learn correct & supportive breathing in Sun Salutations, Vinyasa, and poses like twists & backbends.
  • There’s a frustration & challenge in Balancing poses and you want to feel more grounded, in control & steady whilst practicing these.
  • You feel there’s been a decline or plateau in your practice, ability, strength & flexibility this year and you’re keen to build it back up.
  • You’re feeling an imbalance in key standing poses & unsure what to do with your body to correct this, and you’d like to understand how to take responsibility in your own self-adjustments for better alignment & evenness.
  • You’re feeling disconnected and overwhelmed with current events, and are interested to learn & engage with some of the historical yoga philosophy principles to take off the mat into your daily life for living your yoga.
  • There’s fear & challenge when it comes to Arm balances and you’d like to know how to increase your strength in arms, shoulders & core whilst working in a skillful & sustainable way.
  • Your hips, hamstrings, shoulders feel tight & restricted, and you’re wanting to create space, improve strength & increase flexibility for better mobility and comfort.
  • You’re experiencing fatigue and the motivation for getting on the mat is dwindling right now, and would like a boost in your energy and vitality.

 Get ready to take a step up and grow a more impactful, balanced & sustainable practice before the year is up! 

  • This series offers you a carefully crafted complete package of sessions that will not only give your practice a boost now but also make a significant difference in your approach on the Yoga mat moving forwards.
  • Each session will be a mix of theory, pose breakdown, anatomy, and practice.
  • The sequence of masterclasses has a specific order to help with your progress, growth, and overall experience – and will provide you a perfect lead up to the final session – ‘Self Led: How To Create & Guide Your Own Yoga Practice’ – where you will arrive with all the tools, knowledge, and understanding of your body & the practice to apply to and enhance this body of work.
  • You will receive Heather’s support and guidance with key tips & takeaways.
  • There will be opportunities in each masterclass to ask questions and receive feedback.
  • At the end of series, you’ll receive a certificate of completion to celebrate your commitment to show up and change, as well as your dedication to staying consistent and reaching the finish line!
  • All sessions will be held streamed Live & Recorded via zoom from our yoga centre with ONLINE & IN-PERSON options available, and you receive access to the replays via the course portal for the duration of the series and one month after completing.
Full price £129
Price includes the ‘Yoga Philosophy: The Foundations With Yamas & Niyamas (The Ethics of Living Your Yoga)’ which is available to purchase as a separate event at £35, AND ‘Self Led: How To Create & Guide Your Own Yoga Practice’ which is also available to purchase separately at £25