40 Days: Autumn Immunity & Vitality Boost.

40 Days of Transformative practices designed to support you throughout the Autumn season to change your habits and keep your immunity boosted.

Following the incredible feedback from the 40 Days New Year Intentions and the 40 Days Spring Cleanse programmes – we are offering you this opportunity to dive deeper into a consistent practice on and off the mat with this Autumn 40 Days Special for boosting your body, mind and energy in the new season. 

Join Heather for a 40 Day journey toward enhanced health, immunity & vitality as she guides you with a potent mix of inspiring Day Retreat, Daily Yoga Practice (A 40 Day Sadhana), Weekly Coaching Sessions, along with Lifestyle & Diet Resources and an invitation to an optional Ayurvedic Style Cleanse – to fully reset, rejuvenate & energise your mind, body and lifestyle.

Just as we change our clothes in Autumn as we move into the colder months ahead –  we want to look at making adjustments to our lifestyle –  including daily routine, habits, diet, sleep and including our yoga practice to support our wellbeing and allow for a healthy transition into the cooler months.   This season drives creativity but can also lead to burnout and unnecessary colds if we keep moving at our summer pace. It’s essential at this time we are making choices that are keeping our immunity boosted to build strength and resilience.

An essential part of supporting yourself at this time is the 40-day sadhana – which is a personal practice that you commit to do every day. It is one of the most profound ways to make big changes in your life, a time to reset yourself and lifestyle habits on a daily basis so that all that you do is more powerful and comes from the heart of you.

And when you have a guide in the form of a coach, and along with a community of like-minded others, with you for support & accountability – it’s a real catalyst for experiencing shifts and opening to the vitality & prosperity of life!

Along 40 days of consecutive practice, the powerful day retreat and invaluable weekly group coaching  – there is an opportunity to embark on an 3 day cleanse informed by Ayurveda to reset your digestive system and boost your immunity. 

Ayurveda (the sister science of Yoga) suggests cleansing two times/year: in autumn and in spring. Autumn represents a transition in the seasons, from the high heat of summer to the frigid cold of winter, and because we are inseparable from nature and how it influences us, we are supported by nature in making a transition within our own bodies, minds and lives at this time. 

In this programme we be fully supporting the physical, mental, emotional and energetic aspects of our being by incorporating specific tools & practices from Yoga & Ayurveda including yogic lifestyle, daily routine, diet and self enquiry.

When you decide to its time to do things different in your life and take the required steps to move through your life in a new way and achieve what you desire –  we know how important it is to have someone by your side to help you keep up the momentum & commitment of your actions, and to be there to cheer you on as you move with that energy in your daily life.

Reliable studies have shown that you are 70% more likely to achieve your goals when you have a mentor and guide! (Mcarthy Mentoring 2017)

Experience 40 Consecutive Days Of Daily Practice And Support:

  • Day Retreat (In Person) Sunday 8th October – to open this powerful programme and begin your Autumn Reset and Immunity Boost with Yoga, Breathwork, Kriya, Meditation, Relaxation, Self Inquiry, Yogic Lifestyle & Ayurvedic Vegan Food.
  • 4 x On Demand Classes (Online) – each on-demand class to be taken for 10 consecutive days. Each class is between 30 – 40 minutes – building on the work from the previous class and providing a consistent touch point for daily practice that will fit around your usual classes.
  • 6 x Coaching Sessions (Online) dates opposite – to hold you accountable and keep you motivated.
  • Optional Ayurvedic Cleanse – to reset & strengthen your digestive fire for supporting your body’s natural detoxification process.
  • Access To A Private Facebook Group for daily inspiration and support.
  • Resources – Some additional information will be shared to support your Spring cleanse and journey of expansion.
  • Suitable For All

Each Daily Class is designed to build on the last to support physical vitality and increased consciousness, help you transform your challenges into opportunities, and build resilience, and discover your inner power. Experience a blend of uplifting asana, breathwork, and meditation to help you release stagnation, ignite your inner fire, change your internal dialogue, strengthen your body’s resilience, boost your immunity, energy and staying power and set you on a course for success in your consistency on & off the yoga mat.

Each Coaching Session will give you the opportunity to feel fully supported, connected to others on their journey, inspired and empowered to self-reflect and self- correct, and hold you accountable to your commitment to your practice, health and intentions.

Online Coaching Sessions

Why 40 Days?

This Programme takes place over 40 days – the length of time is said to break old negative patterns and set in motion & cement a new positive habit! 

 A habit is a subconscious chain reaction between the mind, the glandular system and the nervous system. We develop habits throughout our life – with some of them helpful and serving our optimal health, whilst others that are not supportive for our wellbeing!

We can change our habitual behaviour through making a deep commitment and repeating new actions over a period of time – including mindful approaches to moving, breathing, managing our thoughts, and clearing emotional baggage. 

By taking part in the 40-days of daily Yoga, Breathwork & Meditation – it will build your commitment and progress in the experience of these practices which in turn starts to transform your life. You will not only create and set the habit of a regular practice and reap the benefits of this with a deeper connection to self, more ease and joy – but it can help rewire the current chain reaction and develop new, ingrained habits that serve you with your what you are working towards and intentions – and set you up for long lasting success! 

Having the support of a teacher & guide is key to helping you stay focussed, committed, and dedicated with shapeshifting & transforming. And being in community with others going on this journey together will strengthen your staying power, allow you to lean into one another for motivation & inspiration, and a safe space to cheer on & celebrate each other – via weekly live coaching sessions and a dedicated private Facebook group

Why Now?

A perfect time to implement good habits is during a seasonal transition such as into Autumn & Spring, and they are potent points in the Year to make space for planting your seeds of Intention, revisiting anything you set out to focus on earlier in the year, and to develop new habits for manifesting change and the vision you hold for How you want to feel, Who we want to be, How you want to live your life this season and beyond. 

Autumn is a great opportunity to look back over your welcomed summer chaos, to take stock on what worked well and what didn’t, see where you’re out of alignment in different areas of your life, and to focus on what adjustments need to be made – whether its little tweaks or brand new habits that need to be addressed and given attention for supporting your wellbeing.

You don’t have to wait until the New Year to implement a plan and to set intentions! At this time of the Year, we might notice our lifestyle choices are not serving us to feel at our best – but perhaps we are thinking ‘Now is not the time to do it – I’ll just wait instead until the start of the next Year when everyone is setting the new intentions?  But actually, there’s no better time to make the changes you wish for than now! Starting now, gaining traction and experiencing gradual improvement in the last section of 2024 can mean you start the New Year feeling ahead and ready to continue keeping on keeping on!

The shift from Summer to Autumn is significant, and we need to support our body, mind and energy with recalibrating.  Something that is essential for this season is both a strong immune system and digestive health. The dryness of this season will appear in us (i.e cracked lips, dry redness around the nose, waves of sneezing, constipation, fatigue, lethargy, low mood, irritability and a feeling of being ungrounded.)  In contrast to this there can be a feeling of creativity in the air at this time of Year (known as the Vata energy in Ayurveda) – and so, if we have the tools, knowledge and accountability to support ourselves  – we can plug into this, cultivate a balance of spaciousness and groundedness, and feel boosted, abundant and well through the cooler dryer darker months.  

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About Heather

Heather is a Senior Yoga Teacher of over 12 Years, Transformational Life Coach, and Founder of Heather Yoga who will be by your side throughout this powerful time of intention & change – blending her passion, wisdom and experience of Yoga and holistic living with tools, skills & knowledge as a Transformational coach guiding you in a powerful experience through the latter part of 2023 together.